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Monday, August 3, 2020
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Sophomore Year Recruiting Checklist

The Sophomore year in High School for student athletes is one to hit the books, make sure you are on track, and in many ways resembles the Freshman Year from a checklist perspective.
At the beginning of your sophomore year, complete your online registration at
If you fall behind, do not take short cuts.
Classes you take must be four­ year college preparatory and must meet NCAA requirements.
Contacting recruiting college coaches, and making sure you are in line with NCAA Recruiting Rules are paramount, and establishing yourself as a top recruit for an athletic scholarship is your main priority in this recruiting checklist.

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When Category Item
All Year Academics Continue to focus on the grades, contribute to that GPA!!
All Year Academics Continue to take challenging classes, AP and Honors
All Year Activities Continue to focus on extra curriculars by participating in clubs, community and leadership activities
All Year Academics Identify any problem areas immediately and seek teacher or tutor assistance to make sure you have a solid foundation for future classes
Fall All Set goals for the year in both academics and athletics.
Fall Recruiting Download or Purchase the latest version of the  NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete, check for changes
Fall Recruiting Review the NCAA Academic Quick Reference Guide
Fall Recruiting Review the latest NCAA Academic Requirements to make sure you are taking the correct courses: NCAA Student Athlete Worksheet
Fall Academics Re-evaluate your target list of schools that offer your sport.
Fall Academics Meet with High School Guidance Counselor to ensure you are on track for all requirements.
Winter Academics Make sure you are scheduled to take the SATs and ACTs
All Year Athletics Ask for additional evaluations from high school and club coaches for a reality check
All Year Athletics Define strength, benchmark and competitive goals with coaches for the year
All Year Athletics Work with outside strength / agility programs and outside coaches / clinics to enhance skills
All Year Social Media Make sure you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Musically, Snapchat and all other internet accessible sites in a mature manner.  Coaches look!!!
All Year Social Media Establish a Twitter Account, YouTube Account, Acceptable Email Address (no inappropriate words) and setup a BLOG.  If you don’t have Facebook, do that as well.
In Season Athletics Make sure you keep a log of all your stats, collect all photos and video clips and any newspaper clippings.
In Season Athletics Coaches look for good athletes, but also want leadership and good sportsmanship.  Make sure you rise to the occasion.
In Season Athletics Evaluate your performance pre, during and post season, and perform a reality check (do you make the cut?)
In Season Athletics Utilize your social media and send periodic updates on new records, milestones, pics, etc.
In / Post Season Recruiting Keep your Athletic Profile on complete and updated.
Post Season Recruiting Establish contact with your target school coaches through email and by filling out candidate questionnaires
Post Season Recruiting Send a handwritten note on professional stationary to each coach and assistant coach at your targets schools.
Post Season Recruiting Organize your email folders with one for each school.  Make sure you place all your messages for that school into the folder.
Post Season Recruiting Create a Microsoft Excel Log for all communications with school representatives.  Include calls, email, Tweets, etc.
Summer Athletics Attend Nationally recognized camps and events for exposure.  If possible, attend a camp at a target school.
Summer Athletics Enroll in strength and agility training specific for your sport
Summer Academics If available, take advantage of summer school to knock an additional class out, especially one that may require additional focus.
Summer Recruiting Contact coaches from your target list and visit campuses.  Coordinate with Coach/Athletic Staff, and inform of your desire to attend.
All Year Athletics Define strength, benchmark and competitive goals with coaches for the year
All Year Athletics Work with outside strength / agility programs and outside coaches / clinics to enhance skills


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