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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Email Templates

Introductory Email


This is an informal introductory email basically letting the coach know that you exist and that you are interested in their program.

  • Insider Tip: Turn on your “read receipt” function in your email to see if a coach has opened our email.This feature is really helpful for athletes who are too young to be contacted by a coach yet. Read receipts will let you know if a coach has received and opened your email, so you can be sure to follow up accordingly.


Dear [Coach’s Name],

My name is [Your Name],  I am part of the class of [Your Graduating Class] at [Your High School] in [Your Hometown and State].  I am interested in [The Name of The University] and learning more about your program.

[Include information here about the research you did into their program]

I play [List your position or best events here and the name of your team]. Some of my best accomplishments to date are [list your top two or three best times, awards or recognitions]. You can view my complete online profile here [Link to your online profile if you have one]. Here is a link to my highlight tape [link to your online highlight tape]. Please feel free to contact my coach(s) [List the email and phone number for your high school and/or club team coach].  Here is my schedule:

Date                            Location                      Name of Event                          My Team Name

5/22/2018         Albany, NY                     AllStarLAX Showcase                   AllStars315

[List your GPA and test scores here if you have taken them]. [Talk about what you like about the academic reputations of the school].

I will follow up with you next week.  I look forward to hearing back from you and learning more about your program.


[Signature should stay  consistent]

Jordyn Burns ‘22

Midfielder | South Adams CSD | Adams, NY

GPA:  3.5 | SAT:  tbd | ACT:  tbd

Athletic Profile: (links to your Profile)

Video: (links to your YouTube channel)

Phone:  555-111-1212

Facebook: (links to your Facebook Profile)

Twitter: (links to your Twitter Profile)

Instagram: (links to your Instagram Profile)


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Originally posted 2018-02-18 10:14:27.

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