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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Showcases and Prospect Days can be a opportunity to make an impression on multiple college coaches. You should know which schools will be at which showcases and if your school is on the list, you should make an effort to attend.

You should start to document the Events you are attending and are interested in attending by using a LAX Calendar. It will help you to stay organized during this busy time, and be able to select showcases that do not interfere with your club team tournaments, summer vacations, prospect days, school exams, etc.

You can find a list of Men’s and Women’s Events here:

  • Organizers – You can Submit your Event here. All basic listings are free.
  • Players & Parents – Please contact Events directly if you have any questions or concerns. AllStarLAX only lists the events as a resource to you, and does not operate any of them

What are Prospect Days?

A Prospect Day is a recruiting event put on by individual colleges. It allows players to be seen by specific college coaches (i.e. coaches from their dream D1 or D3 school) versus a multitude of random coaches at a lacrosse showcase. Players also have the full attention of the college’s coaching staff because these are more intimate recruiting events when compared to large showcases. Lacrosse prospect days usually involve drills in the beginning and end with games. They also often provide participants with campus tours and recruiting speeches from the college coaching staff and/or current college players.

What is a Showcase?

A Showcases is a recruiting event where individual players compete in front of a large number of college lacrosse coaches. Showcases can be great recruiting events in order to standout versus your peers and to make an impression on multiple college coaches. However, it can be harder to target specific colleges at showcases because coaches often need to watch potentially hundreds of players competing on multiple fields. Unlike prospect days, lacrosse showcases usually only focus on providing participants with games (and generally do not offer events such as campus tours).