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Sunday, April 18, 2021
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About AllStarLAX


AllStarLAX was created because (as a Mother) I knew nothing about playing College Lacrosse or the Athletic Recruiting Process.  As my daughter’s love for the sport of lacrosse grew, she began to express interest in playing in college.  This sounded like a great plan to me, as long as Academics comes first.  The reality is that she will not be able to make living playing lacrosse for the rest of her life.  When she is 60, does anyone want to watch her find the back of the net and pull her back out when she bends over to pick up the ball?  I don’t think so!

As she continues to play and our family chooses to forgoe the extras in life, to supplement traveling all over the East Coast to tournaments, and giving up (relaxing)  summer weekends to be at tournaments, it occurs to me that college is getting closer and closer.  If there was ever a time to “put a plan in place”….it is NOW!  The older she gets, the greater the competition gets.  The Sport of Lacrosse has grown exponentially over the past few years.  Travel Teams pop up in every town and the level of competitiveness starting at the youth level is astronomical!  As I attend tournament after tournament, some lasting several days with thousands of players seeing the fields, I observe the competition.  Are these actually Middle school players, or are they really College players in disguise?  It was at this moment that I realized that this would not be easy.  No one will be knocking on our door offering up a “free ride” to college.  Maybe ten years ago, we would have been afforded that luxury.  But in 2018, the competition is too great.  Coaches have thousands of players contacting them for only a few spots on their rosters.

In order for my daughter to have a chance at playing College Level Lacrosse, she needed to set herself apart from the thousands of other players out there that have the same goal in mind.  Not only does she need to be a fierce competitor and an outstanding lacrosse player, but she needs to be an excellent student, that has a goal and a plan in place to get there!

Throughout my years of research, I compiled my knowledge and resources, and created this Guide to help lead my family through the college recruiting process.  I would like to pass along this Guide along to you and your loved ones to help you through one of the most important times in your life.  Continuing your Academic and Athletic Career in college requires a tremendous amount of discipline and work.   AllStarLAX Guide to the Next Generation of College Athletic Recruits is a resource to help assist you through the college recruiting & admission process, but it is primarily your responsibility to assure that the necessary tasks get completed.   Parents, Coaches, Teachers and Guidance Counselors can help you, but ultimately the success of this process also depends upon realistic evaluations of your ability, both Academically and Athletically.

At AllStarLAX, we believe that every Student-Athlete who has the drive, determination and academic qualifications, should be afforded the opportunity to play college level lacrosse, regardless of economic status.  The way we advocate this is by giving you the tools and resources to take your college lacrosse recruiting strategy to the next level.  AllStarLAX is dedicated to helping every Student-Athlete pursue their dream of playing College Lacrosse.

We want to help make your college recruiting experience a positive one!

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Your future is too important to be standing on the sidelines!


Yours in Lacrosse,

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